Conservatory Radiators

Like many others do you find yourself retreating from the conservatory particularly during those winter months? Have you thought about installing radiators? Or perhaps you’ve gone as far as gathering quotes, only to discover an eye watering invoice! Your not alone. Turning to a new generation of electric radiators is a practical and cost effective solution.

Electric radiators offer an immensely versatile solution to heating your conservatory. First of all there are no pipes! which you guessed it, means no costly plumbing fees. In addition, all our electric radiators come furnished with a pair of wall mounting brackets which are relatively easy to fit using the most basic DIY knowledge. Purely mark out the holes onto your designated wall, screw the brackets into position, hang the radiator onto the brackets, plug into an everyday 3 pin socket and enjoy instant.

Constructed from aluminium these electric radiators possess excellent thermal properties and as such use a mixture of radiated and convected heat efficiently. All of our Slimpro ranges come complete with a free remote control for ease of programming.


Economy heating solution

Runnings costs start from as little as a few pence per hour. Significant savings come especially when converting from outdated storage heaters. Remember that economy 7 tariffs are designed to win back those perceived savings so that you will always pay considerably more than a standard tariff.


Our top tips to reduce running costs

Obtain the correct size electric heaters for each room
Ensure doors are kept shut during winter months
Make certain that your energy supplier possess accurate meter readings
Insulate your property as thoroughly as possible
Pay your energy bills via direct debit evening out the expense

Of course if you’re home is crudely insulated or perhaps double glazing is non existent? Then inevitably your properties energy consumption will be certainly elevated over a home of equal size which encompasses superior insulation.

Select the right heating system

If you are searching for a highly energy efficient heating system coupled with minimum installation costs, a winning sleek radiator and no maintenance then take a look at our best selling Slimpro range.

Confused on which size of electric radiators you require for each of your rooms? Then don’t hesitate to call 01423 619303 where one of our heating experts will be happy to help. Alternatively you can make use of our dedicated radiator calculator to assist you.