Programming electric radiators

Once you have studied the simple scheduling system you’ll find it straight forward to chop and change settings to suit how you would like your heating system to operate. in addition all our electric radiators come furnished with a pair of wall mounting brackets.


To program your electric radiators you will need to establish which rooms you use the lions share of, roughly how much time you occupy them and naturally, what temperature you desire. Do be mindful that you will be programming for seven days however you may wish for offbeat settings on a weekend.

My electric radiators utilise state of the art technology, which enables your electric heaters to be programmed hour by hour around your lifestyle. Don’t forget, it is especially more economical to retain a consistent heat through embracing highest and lowest temperature variations no greater than four degrees compared to switching your radiators off and on.

When turning on the radiator, the microprocessor studies the internal memory, exercising the last mode set by the user. Upon first operation the memory is blank, the display will flash until a key is pressed.

Step 1. Plug correctly into mains socket and switch on. To the rear of the heater body there is an additional power switch, be sure to turn this on. In the first power on the memory is empty, the screen will flash until any key is pushed. Press and hold the (power) button.

Step 2. Press the power button briefly. Now we shall be setting the temperature for comfort mode. Comfort mode is displayed with a sun symbol. Select your chosen temperature using the + and - buttons. PLEASE NOTE. When setting comfort mode the economy mode automatically drops by 3°C. E.g. if we set a temperature of 24°C, the Economy temperature automatically reduces to 21°C. You can view Economy mode by pressing menu briefly.

Step 3. Next we will be setting anti-frost mode. To enter this mode, hold the menu button for 5 seconds. you should now see 7°C and a frost symbol. The radiator is automatically set at 7°C. If you would like to change this you can by pressing the + and - buttons. We recommend the pre set temperature of 7°C.

Step 4. Now we will be programming your electric radiator. Press the power button briefly. The power button should now be displayed on the blue screen. Next hold the power button again for 5 seconds. You should now see the programming display.
The control buttons are:

Button + is to change the mode (comfort, Economy, Anti-frost) and menu is to confirm
Button - is to move around the programme without modifying anything
The days of the week are displayed in numbers from 1-7.
1 (Monday), 2 (Tuesday), 3 (Wednesday), 4 (Thursday), 5 (Friday), 6 (Saturday), and 7 (Sunday)

To program we must set a mode hour by hour passing through all seven days of the week.

Let’s say for example we want to program comfort mode between 0:00 and 3:00 on Monday. Press + until the sun symbol flashes. Then press menu three times. Now the time (3:00) appears on the next display.
Now we’re going to set the Economy mode between 3:00 and 20:00 by pressing + until the moon symbol flashes and then we press menu seventeen times until the time (20:00) is displayed.
Next we’re going to set the Anti-frost mode between 20:00 and 00:00 by pressing + until the frost symbol flashed, then we press menu four times until the time (00:00) is displayed.

Well done we have successfully programmed day 1. Now we are ready to program Tuesday displayed as number 2, continue programming each day until you have finished.


Important: If we want to escape at any time in order to program the current day of the week and time press the power button.

Once all the days of the week have been programmed we must remember to set the current day and time.

To do this briefly press the power button until a time is displayed with the numbers 1-7 above. Press plus to select through the days. For example todays date is Tuesday and it is 10:14am. To program this day and time I press the + button until the arrow flashes under the number 2 (Tuesday) next I briefly press menu to set the time - The hour now flashes - I press plus until the number 10 appears - Next I press menu, again this time setting the minutes to 14 and finally press menu to confirm. I have now programmed the heater for todays date.

Congratulations, you’re all finished and ready to go. There’s not a thing left to do.

Sit back, enjoy the warmth, think about how much money you’re saving and unwind.


Key Lock

The user is able to ensure that the program settings are not tampered with, through locking the control panel. This function is particularly useful for preventing children from altering the controls. You can lock by holding the + and - buttons together for a few seconds. To unlock simply hold + and - buttons in the same way.