Radiator Calculator

Trouble finding the correct sized radiator?

When looking for the correct electric radiator, it is important to take consideration that any value given here is an estimate based on standard conditions. When selecting the radiator for your room, you must consider that for each room the Power required will depend mainly upon the dimensions of the room. To select the correct Power, you must first enter your room dimensions (Length and width, in meters). This will give you an indication as to the power required, but other factors such as insulation, windows etc may affect the actual heating value.


Under specifying the size of your space can result in higher running costs due to the radiators having to work harder to achieve the desired temperature. If you’re in any doubt contact us today on 01423 619303 or seek advice from a reputable electrician.


What if my watts add up to more than the radiator sizes you stock?

We recommend that you buy additional radiators that add up to the recommended wattage required.

For Example – If your room equates to 30 square metres (3000watts) then we recommend buying 2 X 1500watt radiators.


What if my calculation is on the borderline between two sizes?

In this case we recommend that you opt for the higher wattage, as this will heat your desired space quicker and then switch off anyway once the desired heat is achieved.