Replace Storage Heaters

Looking to replace your outdated storage heaters?

Join the thousands who already have. Not only are they slimmer and more attractive that bulky storage heaters, fully programmable in each room with built in temperature and energy management, our new generation of electric radiators could be saving you a small fortune.

Requiring only a normal single rate domestic electric tariff, the most competitive being around 10p per kwh. With this in hand it will be at worst 30% lower in running costs and use 50% less electricity than storage heaters.

The heat given out by a storage heater is a dry heat whereby the air is physically burnt thus the carbon deposits. This is severely bad for your health and hugely hazardous for asthma sufferers.

What you need to realise is that the on peak tariff is over inflated and designed to win back those savings so you will always pay on average the same as any one else.

Additionally once you have stored the heat unfortunately you cannot stop it coming out, or conversely they do tend to run out of heat in the evening precisely when you need it the most!

Furthermore the distribution of heat is poor, tending to be very high at the ceiling and not lower at your feet where it’s most needed.

To switch over requires the following steps

- Change your current supplier to a standard 24 hour tariff. You can do this over the phone within a few minutes.

- Once this has been completed you can move to the most competitive supplier. We recommend comparison site

- Your electrician can change all your storage heater sockets over to a normal 24 hour supply, this shouldn't take longer half an hour to complete a whole house.

- You are now ready to enjoy the future generation of heating providing warmth when desired, at a temperature that suits you and more importantly all at the lowest possible price.

Confused to what size electric radiator you should choose? We have created an online Radiator Calculator to assist you in selecting the correct size. If however your recommended size is borderline between two sizes, we always recommend that you go for the next size up. Not only will this heat up your room quicker and more efficiently but will switch off anyway once your chosen temperature has been reached.

If you would like more information call one of our heating specialists here today on 01423 619303 or apply online for a free heating consultation.