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Replacing Storage Heaters

How do I switch?

Switch over in 3 easy steps

  • 1.

    Change your current electricity supply to a standard 24 hour tariff. You can do this within a few minutes over the phone.

  • 2.

    Next undertake a comparison search to discover the most competitive electricity supplier on the market.

  • 3.

    Changing your storage heater sockets back to normal sockets should take an electrician no longer than 1 hour to complete an entire house (based on 5 sockets). Depending on where you are in the country this may typically cost around £60 labour.

Thats it!

You are now ready to enjoy your new state of the art electric radiators, providing warmth when desired, at temperatures that suit and more importantly at the lowest possible price.

Looking to replace your outdated storage heaters?

A long time ago (1940s) electric storage heaters were designed to charge up heat overnight using a cheaper electricity tariff known as economy 7 to be released the following day. Unfortunately you have very limited control over the heater, on days when you don't require any heating you can not stop heat from pouring out. You may have to become a weather forecasting enthusiast as predicting the weather for the following day is vital to make a room functional. Worse still, they tend to run out of heat in the evening often when needed the most. Importantly what needs to be realised is that while the off peak tariff is attractive, the on-peak tariff is over inflated, moreover designed to win back those savings. There is also the incredibly poor efficiency to battle with combined with poor distribution of heat, bizarrely distributed very high towards the ceiling and not lower at your feet where it's most needed.

Eco iSkinny Electric Radiator

Not only slimmer and more attractive than bulky storage heaters, each iSkinny electric radiator has the ability to program temperatures by the hour on a weekly schedule independently from one another, meaning that you can tailor your properties heating in individual rooms, saving you a small fortune. The award winning iSkinny now comes in a WiFi version giving you even more control. All the scheduling, modes, settings and more are available on the app meaning that you can control your heating room by room remotely via the app from anywhere with an internet reception.

Requiring an everyday single rate domestic tariff, our eco electric radiators will be at worse 30% lower in running costs and use 50% less electricity than storage heaters!

How do I choose which size radiators to buy?

Confused on which sized electric radiator you should choose? We have created an easy to use online Radiator Calculator to assist you in selecting the correct sizes. If however your recommended size is borderline between two sizes, we always recommend that you go for the next size up. Not only will this heat up your room quicker and more efficiently but will switch off anyway once your chosen temperature has been reached. If you would like more information call one of our friendly heating specialists today on 01423 619303 or apply online for a free heating consultation.

Under specifying the size of your space can result in higher running costs due to the radiators having to work harder to achieve the desired temperature. If you're in any doubt speak to one of our friendly heating experts today on 01423 619303 or seek advice from a reputable electrician.