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Intelligent Control System

What is an intelligent control system?

An Intelligent Control System puts a stop to the overheating or under heating of a room by closely monitoring the air temperature. This is represented by the red line in the illustration. Once the desired room temperature is achieved, the highly precise digital thermostat begins to regulate the amount of electricity consumed by the radiator preventing any wasted energy.

Other heating systems are represented by the rippled grey line. These systems are unable to achieve or maintain an accurate temperature supply, often overpowering and under powering a room by up to 3 degrees.

Our pioneering technology is an essential ancillary to maximising energy efficiency. Once the desired room temperature is achieved our electric radiators maintain the air temperature by topping up the heat when necessary to maintain a room temperature within 0.5 degrees.

This means that out of 1 hours worth of heating your radiators may consume less than 20 minutes of electricity, making them incredibly energy efficient. On top of this you have the ability to tailor your electric heating through programming individual rooms at times and temperatures to suit your needs, creating the potential for even further savings.

Intelligent Control System

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