Benefits of electric radiators

Price strive to supply the most competitively priced energy efficient electric radiators in the UK without leaving quality in the shadows. Because we both manufacture and retail exclusively online, cutting out any middle men we are able to supply high quality economy electric radiators at the lowest possible prices. Guaranteed.


Running costs, energy efficiency

With an economy electric radiator you have access to an unparalleled level of controllability with all our radiators featuring 24 hour, 7 days a week time and temperature programming. Couple this with highly precise digital thermostats together with other patented components which ensure that only the amount of energy needed to operate is consumed. Since each radiator possesses it’s very own digital thermostat and timers individual rooms can be programmed to heat at specific times and temperatures over the course of a 7 day weekly schedule. On top of this there is also the added benefit from a maintenance mode whereby the radiators can protect a property from the elements on a maintenance level, this is ideal for when a property is unoccupied where often unexpected repair bills can arise.


Manufactured in Europe using sustainable materials

Our electric radiators are manufactured in Europe using high quality durable components and provide complete sustainability since they are constructed using recycled aluminium.


Money back guarantee

We are certain that you will be completely satisfied with our products, for this reason we offer all of our customers complete peace of mind from a full money back guarantee within 7 days upon receiving your order including if you simply change your mind.



Since our wall mounted electric radiators are powered via electricity this is an extremely advantageous aspect and can create significant savings since they require zero costly plumping expenses. Often the labour costs in laying pipes can run into eye watering sums of money. On top of that there is the total inconvenience and disarray, largely from the digging, lifting of floorboards and interior mess. So where do they connect? Operating very much like any other electrical appliance they simply plug in to an everyday 13amp plug socket. They are a simple plug in and go appliance, merely plug in, flick the switch and your room will be warm and cosy within minutes.

Quality of heat

Our radiators distribute a consistent quality of warmth identical to that of a traditional gas radiator which includes a combination of both radiated and naturally convected heat. None of our radiators operate using inefficient fans, store heat overnight or burn the air. These electric heating appliances are outdated and inefficient and possibly a reason that come consumers perceive electric heating in a bad light. Usually these heaters have a poor quality of heat distribution, however with an economy electric radiator there are no cold spots which can be found amongst inferior products. Storage heaters and panel heaters are notorious for offering a poor and inconsistent distribution of heat that can sometimes even leave you with undesirable elements such as mildew springing up.



Because of the enormous confidence we have in the build quality of our products, we offer a 10 guarantee on all of our electric radiator aluminium bodies and a 2 year warranty on all internal components. Although of course we expect you to benefit from many more years enjoyment than this.


Slim styling

Our designers have spent years refining the slimmest, efficient and most attractive electric radiators on the market. The award winning Slimpro electric radiator features a seek and breathtaking profile and whats more boasts a slight depth of just 75mm. With minimalistic aesthetics the Slimpro effortlessly integrates to any interior.


Installation is simple

Each of our electric radiators comes complete with a fixing template and wall mounting brackets, helping you to ensure that the holes you drill into your wall are 100% accurate prior to fixing the brackets. Please be careful to make sure that there are no hidden pipes or electrical wires behind where you are intending on drilling. DIY installation is more than feasible in less than 15 minutes as all that is required is to screw three brackets into place, hang your radiator, plug in and go.