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Electric Radiator Benefits

What are they Key benefits to electric radiators?

Energy efficiency

Electric central heating is 100% efficient.

Meaning that 100% of energy is converted into heat. In a traditional central heating system, water is initially heated inside a boiler, next the warm water is forced around the property through pipes. As a consequence efficiency is reduced since heat loss occurs through pipes prior to arriving at a radiator. On top of this there are temperature discrepancies to contend with since most traditional systems have just one central thermostat which is inaccurate to the remaining parts of the property.

In the new generation of electric radiators, energy efficiency has been redefined with cutting edge heating technology. Each of our radiators has it's own built in highly precise digital thermostat, capable of measuring temperatures within less than 0.5 degrees. The Intelligent Control System calculates the rooms temperature puting a stop to overheating or underheating of the room. Once the desired room temperature is achieved the precision digital thermostat begins to regulate the amount of electricity consumed while switching electric consumption on and off, using the least amount of energy possible whilat maintaining your chosen temperature. With reasonable insulation it means that 1 hour of heating may consume less than 20 minutes of electricity. Together with other patented components this ensures that only the precise amount of energy needed to operate is consumed.

Control & Programming

The beauty of lean engineering is it does more with less. All of our electric radiators are fitted with state of the art energy management, allowing you to seriously cut back on your energy use and heating bills. Since each radiator possesses it's very own digital thermostat and timers, rooms can be programmed independently from one another to heat at specific times and temperatures. Programming allows for a temperature to be set for each hour in a day, up to a 7 day weekly schedule. On top of this there is the added benefit from a maintenance mode whereby the radiators can protect a property from the elements (ie. frost, damp etc.) designed specifically to heat your property using the least amount of energy possible on a maintenance level. This is ideal for when a property is unoccupied, often where unexpected repair bills can arise.

With an economy electric radiator you have access to an unparalleled level of controllability with all our radiators featuring 24 hour, 7 days a week time and temperature programming.


Installing or extending gas pipes is messy, usually requiring lifting of floorboard to access pipes and expensive. In contrast our electric radiators are designed for quick, easy DIY installation without the need for a qualified electrician. Each radiator is fitted with an everyday 13amp plug socket and packaged with wall mounting brackets and instructions. Simply mount on the wall plug into your nearest socket. Radiators and heaters for outdoors and bathrooms must be connected by an electrician. Nevertheless this is a quick and easy task which is cheaper and less demanding than central heating plumbing work.

Maintenance Free

Fuel burning heating systems which includes gas and oil central heating require a minimum annual service and maintenance. Since electric radiators don't operate using internal combustion there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning meaning you won't need to pay annually to have your heating inspected.


Appliances that consume less energy and fewer materials are pivotal to sustainable engineering. While the majority of electricity used in our homes today originates from burning fossil fuels in power stations, electric radiators do not rely on these vasty declining fossil fuel reserves instead they operate just as well from renewable sources of electricity such as solar or wind. If you would like to reduce your carbon footprint and don't have your own renewable generator you could always obtain your electricity from a 100% renewable energy supplier.

Our appliances are environmentally friendly in more aspects too. All of our radiator bodies are built using 100% recycled aluminium - which can be recycled again and again at the end of the radiators life.


Our engineers have spent years refining the slimmest, lightweight and most stylish electric radiators in the world. The award winning SlimPro electric radiator features a sleek and breathtaking profile of just 74mm in depth. With minimalistic aesthetics the SlimPro effortlessly integrates to any interior.


State of the art heating control, maintenance free and DIY installation amount to a heating system that could create some serious savings from your heating bills.