Are you paying too much for electricity?

Check using online a comparison website.

We believe that over an eye watering 50% of UK households are still paying around 30% too much for their electricity.


Some consumers have a preconception that switching energy suppliers is a painfully time consuming exercise. Not anymore. Switching energy suppliers online has revolutionised the previously complex process into a simple a quick procedure that literally takes just a few minutes of your time. We suggest using a comparison website such as (or a quick Google search will display many others) to help check whether you’re obtaining the very best electricity tariff on the market. The chances are that If you have never shopped around to source the most competitive deal then there's a tell tale sign that you are possibly paying too much.


Our property uses an economy 7 tariff?

Switching from an economy 7 tariff back onto a standard rate is probably one of the best decisions you can make. There is a miss sold preconception of obtaining lower running cost from using electrical appliances in particular storage heaters overnight on an economy 7 tariff. There are several fundamental flaws in these outdated electric storage heaters which appoint them as an expensive, inefficient and totally impractical heating system. Many people move into properties with storage heaters already fitted and immediately search for a more energy efficiency and slender electric heating upgrade. Moving back onto the economy 7 tariff which is specifically designed to win back those preconceived savings through a highly inflated day time tariff. It’s estimated that 47% of consumers choose to use electrical appliances regardless of if they are clocking up off peak hours or inflated ones leading to many receiving jaw dropping energy bills. Switching back onto a standard rate tariff is quick and straight forward, all that you need to do is spare a few minutes call up your existing energy supplier and request to switch back onto a standard rate tariff.


Energy Saving Tips:

Eliminate draughts

Keeping doors closed will help to lock in the heat meaning that your radiators won’t have to work quite as hard to regulate the desired temperature.



If your home is poorly insulated or lacks any double glazing, it's inevitable that your energy consumption will be much higher than a home of equal size which does carry greater energy saving attributes.


Correct Radiators 

Make sure that you have the correct size radiators for each room so that they can run as economically as possible. As to be expected if you have previously used gas to power your heating and you change to electricity, you will see an increase in your electricity bill, however you should also see an impressive reduction in your gas bill, which will offset this. You can quickly calculate the correct sized radiators for your property by using our easy to use online radiator calculator.


Visit the Energy Saving Trust

Obtain further information on energy saving by visiting


Energy Saving Light Bulb

These days you can pick up LED light bulbs which not only last forever (almost) but deliver a magnificent array of light. Whilst although they aren't as cheap as conventional light bulbs they consume a fraction of the energy meaning that they pay for themselves within the first year.


Switch off

Check to ensure that you have switched the lights off when leaving a room in addition to any remaining devices that you have finished using. Furthermore get into the practice of not leaving appliances on standby mode as this can unknowingly formulate a reasonable proportion to your energy bills. Getting into the routine is simple and can also be made fun especially with children whilst remembering that you could be spending that squandered money on something more beneficial.