Dry Thermal Electric Radiators


At My Electric Radiators, we supply dry thermal aluminium wall mounted electric radiators. Aluminium holds such valuable properties which is why we use it in our electric radiators. At present it’s the second most widely used metal throughout the world. Aluminium encompasses a low density meaning it’s light weight (ideal for radiators), is straightforward to recycle, has superb corrosion resistance and most of all boasts a magnificent thermal and electrical conductivity. All of our latest electric radiators are constructed using ‘Dry Thermal’ technology which boasts supreme heating within any room. As you might of guessed the latest dry thermal technology operates without fluid, which means you can take advantage of the fact there’s no chance of your radiator leaking or any ongoing maintenance.


Designer Slimpro Dry Thermal Radiator

The Designer Slimpro variety are a superb solution to heating your home efficiently. As previously covered in more detail they are built using aluminium which enables rooms to be warmed up within minutes. It’s admirable slimline profile measures just 74mm, provides an unrivalled consistent quality of heat whereby heat is distributed from a powerful combination of both convected and radiated heat. These radiators have undergone continual rigours development and testing until the highest design quality was achieved. They will not blacken your walls which a handful of lower quality electric radiators can accomplish. There are multiple temperature and program management settings to choose from including hour by hour scheduling seven days a week, ensuring each room is maintained at your desired temperatures throughout the day and night. The admiringly accurate thermostat makes certain that the radiators switch off upon establishing the rooms programmed temperature. Only very briefly switching back on to preserve that temperature, accommodating incredible energy efficiency whilst guaranteeing no loss of comfort.

Economy heating system

Dry thermal radiators are exceptionally energy efficient whilst under operation. With the bonus of influential electronic thermostats, timers and temperature control seven days a week twenty four hours of the day. The beneficial element to using electric radiators is that you possess all the experience of a gas central heating system yet you do away with the cluster headache of maintenance and squandering energy accompanied with it. Since they are fully equipped with electric heating elements, they make sure an elevated performance of energy efficiency is up kept, particularly when considering the continual soaring fluctuation in fossil fuel energy. Installation is simple and can be fitted in under 15 minutes - Every one of our radiators arrives complete with wall mounting brackets. Once wall mounted merely hang the unit onto the brackets, plug into an everyday 13 amp plug and you will be enjoying immediate heat.

Lifetime guarantee

My Electric Radiators have continually developed light weight and seriously energy efficient radiators which operate at the finest heights. On top of that all our electric radiators are capable of being mounted and fixed swiftly leaving them only to be plugged into an every day UK 3 pin socket. Since there is no plumping or maintenance involved this accredits the units as a powerfully convenient and versatile choice when selecting how to heat your home or property. To assist with contentment all our Slimpro models have been packed with a 10 year guarantee on the body and a 2 year warranty on electrical components.


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