Sublime Designer Electric Radiator

Heat Output For Room Sizes Up To Dimensions (HxWxD) Price Add Qty
500W 6 ㎡ 585 x 336 x 74mm £179.00
500W For room sizes up to 6 ㎡ 585 x 336 x 74mm
800W 9 ㎡ 585 x 490 x 74mm £209.00
800W For room sizes up to 9 ㎡ 585 x 490 x 74mm
1000W 12 ㎡ 585 x 567 x 74mm £239.00
1000W For room sizes up to 12 ㎡ 585 x 567 x 74mm
1300W 15 ㎡ 585 x 644 x 74mm £259.00
1300W For room sizes up to 15 ㎡ 585 x 644 x 74mm
1500W 18 ㎡ 585 x 721 x 74mm £279.00
1500W For room sizes up to 18 ㎡ 585 x 721 x 74mm
1800W 21 ㎡ 585 x 875 x 74mm £319.00
1800W For room sizes up to 21 ㎡ 585 x 875 x 74mm
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The Sublime electric radiator is a flat fronted radiator with classic modern styling.

Sublime electric radiators are fully programmable. You can control the temperature of each radiator hour-by-hour using the 7 day scheduling so that each room in your property is always at the most desireable temperature to suit your needs.

100% Energy Efficient Time & Temperature digital programming Easy DIY Installation Plugs into a normal 13 amp plug socket FREE remote control
Latest Energy Efficient Technology Includes wall mounting brackets & screw kit Intelligent Digital Thermostat Quality European components Contemporary slim profile
Sublime electric radiators are easy to Install following basic DIY understanding. They simply screw into the wall and plug into an everyday household 13amp socket. Every radiator is supplied with wall plugs, screw pack and wall template to assist you with hole location for drilling your brackets into the wall. Mount the radiators on the brackets supplied and plug into the nearest socket. It really is that simple. Programming instructions are supplied with each radiator nevertheless they are also accessible online.
Each Sublime electric radiator comes compete with a three year electronic manufactures Warranty and a 10 Year warranty on the radiators body (subject to manufactures terms and conditions)
This item is supplied with Free UK Next Day delivery guaranteed before 12pm, excluding weekends. Saturday Delivery is available at an additional charge of £20 per box. What’s more you can select a specific delivery date in the checkout.
Orders of multiple items may be delivered on a pallet delivery. In this instance deliveries are not guaranteed for next day delivery but certainly within 2 working days. If you have any exceptional delivery criteria please don’t hesitate to contact customer support whom will be happy to assist you.
  • Plug & Go Installation

    Simple DIY installation, merely screw to the wall and plug into the nearest socket.

  • 24/7 Digital Programming

    Fully Programmable control providing you with 7 day time and temperature heating scheduling around your lifestyles, complete with settings for each hour of everyday of the week!

  • Fast Efficient Heat Distribution

    Dry thermal elements heat you room through a combination of radiated and convected heat.

  • Exclusive 10 Year Warranty

    we are so confident in the build quality of our radiators that we offer a 10 year lifetime guarantee on the body and three year guarantee on electronics.

  • Ultra Slim Design

    Ultra slim, stylish design of our radiators make them an attractive space saving addition to your home


The Sublime is packed with a highly precise digital thermostat boosted by an accuracy inside 0.5 degrees.

In addition fully programmable heating controls provide for hour by hour temperature settings empowering

you to schedule heating around your needs. The Sublime heats solely when required furthermore 100% of

electricity is transferred directly into heat leaving no wasted energy.