Electric Heating Systems


My Electric Radiators most frequently asked query is how much do electric radiators cost to run? There are many wavering factors that can manipulate how effective your electric heating systems can run. Insulation plays a part whether that double-glazing, loft insulation or even simply doors being open. In our experience the biggest influence on the running costs for electric heating systems in down to your electricity provider. Are you on the most competitive tariff available? We suggest using an electricity comparative website to make sure you are getting the best deal possible, with most people having no idea it’s likely there is a more completive tariff available. My Electric Radiators supply only the most energy efficient electric heating solutions at the lowest prices possible in the UK. One of our best selling products is the SlimPro designer electric radiator, with its advantages plain to see.


Our heating systems offer the most advanced energy efficient heating technology, with refined programming capabilities and highly developed thermostatic controllability. All of our electric radiator bodies are constructed from 100% aluminium ensuring an optimum distribution of both connected and radiated heat. This method of heating has been dubbed the next generation of heating due to its consistency and even distribution of heat. At My Electric Radiators we are proud to supply the slimmest electric radiators on the market with the iSkinny measuring in at just 5.8cm in depth whilst also featuring an incredibly beautiful and sleek design. The iSkinny is capable of ensuring precise room temperature within 0.4 of a degree and offers an unparalleled control of heating with its sophisticated hour by hour programming.


With new advances in technology electric heating systems are certainly the future of heating our homes and commercial buildings to a green eco friendly standard. The evolvement of electric heating means that the radiators themselves will switch off upon reaching the required temperature ensuring only the least amount of energy is consumed during maintaining this temperature. For example if you were to set your radiators to a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, once this temperature has been reached the units would simply switch off and then only turn back on when the level had dropped to 20.5 which means that its possible that the heaters may only be consuming electricity for 25 minutes per hour. Of course for this reason we may not be able to give you exact running costs due to unaccountable external circumstances, but what we can ensure is that our electric radiators offer unparalleled efficiency and could certainly save you on your energy usage in the long term. To find out more on our energy efficient central heating solutions then feel free to call us on 01423 619303 for a strictly no pressure sales advice.