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  • What are the best electric radiators on the market?

    So what exactly are the best electric radiators on the market?

    In the past electric heating has automatically generated a shriek followed by an automated notion ‘this is going to cost a fortune’. Well through advances in electric heating technology thankfully those days are long gone. It is extremely important to realise that not all electric heating devices are the same nor do they all posses low running costs. This guide is designed to help you steer away from cheap or expensive electric heating devices that will put a hole in your wallet in running costs while others systems such as the Read more ...

  • What is economy 7 tariff?

    If your property is equipped with storage heaters then the likelihood is that you are currently using an economy 7 tariff. In principle an economy 7 electricity tariff is designed to create economical savings through operating in partnership with a night storage heating system. Although when using electricity throughout the day the cost per unit is charged at an inflated price making an economy 7 tariff counterproductive. Below we will cover everything surrounding the economy electricity tariff.

    So what is an economy 7 tariff and how does it work? 

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