Electric Radiators Vs Gas Central Heating!

In spite of the fact electric radiators and gas central heating boast a superb quality of heating, there are some crucial variables in terms of cost. Installing gas central heating will cost vastly more than electric radiators, which are frequently installed via the property owner. Gas installations however demand a certified plumber.


Following installation, traditional gas central heating (wet system) persists in expenditure. Dissimilar to electric radiators gas central heating necessitate the following

• Anual service 
• Annual radiator draining and replenishment
• Boiler servicing and upkeep


None of our electric radiators entail continuous servicing. On the strength of this we provide a two year warranty on all electric components and a 10 year warranty on the radiator body for complete peace of mind. Of course however we expect you to enjoy many more years than this.

Each of our electric radiators has the benefit of:

• Thermostatic controlled - Only utilises energy when needed.
• Programmable - Features a highly developed 24 hour, 7 day a week program management
• Self sufficient from a hot water system
• Adaptable with other heating solutions - electric radiators are a energy efficient way to heat a conservatory, loft conversion or basement conversion
• 3 pin plug - no pipes equals no plumbing costs


Electric radiators Vs gas or oil heating

In England 2.8 million (mostly rural households) are not connected to mains gas. Oil central heating systems have historically been favoured, however with the continuing fluctuation of running costs particularly in 2010 by a whopping 40% this approach has declined.

Our radiators operate via electricity providing an ideal substitute. Embracing a wafer thin profile, good design and thermostatic controls assembling a perfect addition to any interior. Of course our radiators benefit from consuming energy only when required avoiding any unnecessary wasted energy. We conducted a real world study which found that our SlimPro electric radiators had running costs which were equal to or less than gas central heating.

Traditional wet central heating whether that be generated via oil or gas demands pipework to bridge the boiler with the radiators. The cost of extending this system alone can be enough to make your eyes water without the added inconvenience of dust and mess.

When considering adding to your wet central heating remember to take into account the pressure output of your current boiler as it may not be sufficient enough to function correctly. Our radiators can be installed following a few easy steps.

• Drill holes for wall mounting brackets
• Screw the bracket to the wall
• Hang your radiators onto the bracket
• Plug in, switch on and enjoy heat within minutes

All of our radiators come fully supplied with mounting brackets and screws for complete installation.


Make note: Since our radiators run via electricity, it means there are no emissions, unalike the majority of boilers.


The real cost of gas heating

With the ever increasing fluctuation in gas prices mostly due to the UK’s furthering dependancy from overseas imports. Things are moving on. On top of that bear in mind the transportation costs paired with the emissions expelled via a boiler, adding a sizeable chunk to your carbon footprint.

Assuming your seeking an efficient heating solution encompassing low installation expenditure, sleek design and zero maintenance then our electric radiators are certainly for you.

How do I know which size electric radiators to choose?

Need help in choosing the most suitable sized radiator for each of your rooms? Then make sure to check out our radiator calculator or call 01423 619303 whereby one of our helpful team members will be happy to help.