Electric Towel Rails

Using an electric towel rail is currently more in demand than every before. This for the most part in new builds as they perform not only as a fantastic drying element for towels but produce an excellent form of heating for both bathrooms and utility rooms. Electric towel rails are even more advantageous in that they are simple to install. My Electric Radiators supply a broad range of compact and cost effective heating solution for any home or commercial application such as hotels.

Ideal heating solution for any home

Here at My Electric Radiators we are devoted in all energy efficient heating aspects. We pride ourselves on supplying the most advanced, stylish and economical electric towel rails on the market to date. Our most in demand is the iSkinny electric towel rail. It features built in 24 hours, 7 days a week temperature management programming. Installation of our electric towel rails is straightforward so there is no need to panic about any costly plumbing bills for your home.

Our electric towel rails are aesthetically stunning, coming in either a 420W or 600W output. They are ideal particularly over the colder months of the year, as they are exceptionally energy efficient providing instantaneous comfort and warmth.

Even better sill they are superb value for money! Far greater then a traditional gas radiator because electricity is much cheaper and providing the right infrastructure is in place a more sustainable source of energy too. Our electric towel rails consume only the precise amount of energy needed to distribute the desired heat, meaning that there is no loss or waste of heat, implicating lower energy bills.

Affordable and stylish 

My Electric Radiators iSkinny electric towel rail is the most ideal partnership for any home. They are effortless to fit and tremendously cost effective to run. The iSkinny is a tasteful eco addition to any bathroom or utility room, which should offer years of countless enjoyment.

All of our towel rails come packaged with wall mounting brackets

They are also supplied with a 2 year guarantee on internal components

If you would like to find out more in relation to our efficient electric towel rail, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01423 881167.

It’s important to note that Electric Towel Rails do not come supplied with a 3 pin plug for obvious safety reasons amongst bathroom application. They must be fitted to the mains through a fused spur, these are common practice with elutriations with installation straightforward enough. However we would always recommended a fully NICEIC registered electrician to carry out the procedure.