Electric Heaters

Electric heaters have advanced significantly and at My Electric Radiators we are devoted in supplying you the latest technology and highest quality products at ultimately the lowest prices in the UK. 

Our electric radiators are at the forefront of electric heating technology paving the way in which we think about heating our homes and businesses with sophisticated built in temperature management programming.

As we are all aware electricity is now becoming identified as a sustainable means of energy, with many households and businesses looking towards electric heaters as a suitable replacement of traditional gas (wet) central heating systems.  This has sparked manufactures to construct more advanced energy efficient electric radiators. Our electric heaters are of the highest build quality and specifically made in Europe with this in mind using quality durable components. Not only are they the best value for money, but as I’m sure you will agree the most stylish too. Our selections of electric wall heaters are the most energy efficient on the market with state of the art energy and temperature management programming. Which makes sure that the heaters consume the least amount of energy possible whilst accurately maintaining your desired heating temperature.

Buy a new generation electric heater from just £169.99

Our wide selection of electric heaters start from only £169.99, our most advanced energy efficient heater being the iSkinny. Measuring up at only 5.8cm in depth, making it the slimmest heater on the marketplace to date. The bodies themselves are constructed from sustainable recycled materials making it a completely viable electric heater.

There is no eye watering installation costs with our entire range capable of DIY fitting. Installation is simple, we also supply a wall mounting template to ensure there is no misadventure. Once fitted to the wall simply plug into an everyday 3 pin, 13amp plug socket. Approximate installation time with basic DIY knowledge is around 15 minutes per heater. 

Calculating your electric wall heaters

At My Electric Radiators we make selecting the right electric heater very straightforward. You can either use the calculator on our website or alternatively please don’t hesitate to call us on 01423 88167 even if you are just seeking advice, one of our team members will be happy to help.