Economy radiators

My Electric Radiators are committed to equipping you with the most energy efficient heating systems on the market to date at the very lowest possible prices in the UK. Our enhanced range of energy efficient economy radiators are designed to provide unparalleled controllability over your central heating whilst helping you to lower your energy use. My Electric Radiators strive on reliably and quality. We manufacture the units in Europe using quality European components that ensure a consistent performance right across our range of wall mounted electric radiators. If you would like to discuss about how our range of energy efficient economy radiators could help save you on your energy bills, contact a member of our friendly team today to find out more on 01423 881167.


Economy Radiator Company 

My Electric Radiators have an impressive research development team who are continuously researching and developing our economy radiator company using the latest advanced technologies. If you’re in need for an energy efficient electric heating solution for your project, why not contemplate economy radiators, for example the iSkinny? With highly precise thermostats to within a fraction of a degree and highly advanced long infrared emitters providing excellent comfort, low energy consumption and stunning design. The iSkinny is currently the slimmest energy efficient electric radiator on the market to date, with a thickness of just 5.8cm. All our radiators are simple to install by basic DIY knowledge. Simply mark the holes using the template provided.